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MONTICELLO YOUTH FOOTBALL Picture by Lommel Photography

Monticello Youth Football Mission

The mission of the Monticello Youth Football Association, is to provide our youth with an opportunity to develop sportsmanship, respect, teamwork, and leadership skills through participation in football.

Website News

Attention football families.  We are really trying to utilize our website more this year.  We hope that you will find it very useful.  You can find your team by clicking on the Teams tab on the upper banner.  From there click your grade level on the left hand side, then your team.  Teams are listed as the coach’s last names unless a team name has been created.  Teams and rosters have been added, practice schedules are posted for August - October.   Good Luck and Have a great season!

2019 Riverfest Parade

Shout out to Cornerstone for helping us advertise! #nonprofit #chevrolet


Thank you to ALL who came out to the Pizza Ranch on Wednesday to support the Monticello Youth Football program!



Show your support for all levels of Monticello football through any of the following avenues:

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2021 Coaches Registration

Registration is  CLOSED!

2021 Registration for Grades 2-6

Registration is  CLOSED!

2021 Registration for Grades 7th and 8th

Registration is CLOSED!